Why California is Screwed


  1. ettubloge:

    Will California eventually act more like Greece or London or Middle east?

  2. marco73:

    I'd like to know what is the budget for each agency, and how are they funded.

    As an example, there is the "California Exposition and State Fair (Cal Expo)." If that is funded through ticket sales, then there is an incentive for the Cal Expo folks not to price themselves out of the market.

    But is that agency is populated with a bunch of 6 figure bureaucrats paid from the state general fund who work a couple weeks a year, yeah, I'd like to know about that.

  3. Alex:

    I think Marco makes an excellent comment. I would add the following.

    * Would nice to see the agencies in an org chart. How many are independent versus how many are just part of a larger org.
    * Budget/No. Employees/No. Reg per Year of each agency
    * Comparison across state lines.

    Also if you believe in Federalism and pushing power out of Washington, then you are likely to see more state agencies and not less. Just something to consider.

  4. Mesa Econoguy:

    California is screwed because it is, was, and will always be controlled by Democrats.

    Sorry for the partisanship, CA was one of the few Dem strongholds in last years bloodbath.

  5. Val:


    Will California eventually act more like Greece or London or Middle east?

    The answer is: Mexico.

  6. Russ R.:

    In my humble opinion, California will be more like Greece than the UK.

    The distinction is between governments that can print their own currency, and those that cannot.

    The first group (US, UK, Japan, etc.) will paper over their fiscal problems by issuing additional currency to fill the borrowing gap.

    The second group (Greece, California, Jefferson County, etc.), will end up either defaulting on obligations, or getting a bailout on the condition that austerity measures be implemented.

    (The Middle East situation is a different story... the unrest isn't really about fiscal matters, it's more about fundamental rights and liberties.)