XKCD is Awesome Today


  1. Jens Fiederer:

    Finally, some validation for your hobby of collecting "Joe Biden eating sandwiches" pictures. You are not alone in the world.

  2. Jim A:

    Most XKCD are good, but this one sucked. Sorry dude.

  3. sch:

    Nice article in latest Wired about the coffee contests popular in coffee growing countries and their
    effect on coffee pricing for boutique varietals. Author describes how one judge suggested he try #8
    which the author thought was a good solvent but was described in fruity floral tones by the judges.

  4. Evil Red Scandi:

    XKCD is awesome three times a week. The only question is how much awesome you can comprehend ;-)

  5. Eric Hammer:

    It might have been said here (I can't recall) but a great point was once made that "Knowledge is fractal." If you really want to, you can examine anything down to the finest details, and just keep finding more. It is fascinating how the human minds strives to find such distinctions and sometimes seems to create them from whole cloth just for the hell of it.

  6. Stay Or Go Digital Thermal Coffeemaker:

    Please back away from the computer right now. Of all the darn fool things I've read on the internet, this pile of malarkey takes the friggin cake. I wasn't expecting "Rudyard Kipling", but crikey mate, reading this is making my teeth ache...