Scary Thought

It is NOT a good thing to have one's criminality be determined based on whether the state feels one has a "legitimate purpose" for his actions (in this case, speech).


  1. sch:

    Doubtless aimed at situations inducing youngsters to
    suicide recently so popularized, but definitely in the arena of politics in action, any action, preferable stupid enough to be obvious to the polis.
    Moving in the direction of everything not required is
    forbidden, the law is reminiscent of English and
    Canadian sensibilities in the same area. The tort
    lawyers will love this law as will prosecutors, til
    the ACLU gets it tossed.

  2. DrTorch:

    Al Gore should be afraid...very afraid.

  3. John David Galt:

    I don't buy your statement as a general principle. If (for example) a bunch of bicyclists are causing a traffic jam, I very much want the state to try to determine whether they are using the road for bona fide transportation or primarily to block traffic (= Critical Mass) and, if the latter, put a stop to it before drivers have to do so for themselves.