Question of the Day

I can 't decide if the last question asked of Congressman Weiner today is a new low in journalism or a step in the right direction of treating Congress with exactly the dignity it deserves.   Maybe we can just merge Cspan and TMZ.   In either case, it has to be the first time these words were ever uttered in a press conference:

Were you fully erect, Congressman?


  1. Smock Puppet, Idea Man for Network Executives:

    >>> Maybe we can must merge Cspan and TMZ.

    Hey, let's do the Miller Light thing and merge Congress with WWE Raw...?

    Who else besides me wants to see Hillary or NancyP vs Kharma?

    Better yet, a tag team match with HC/NP vs. Kharma and, oh, Aksana?

  2. Ignoramus:

    At first cut, Weinergate is a silly pathetic personal pecadillo.

    But there's more layers to this onion:

    For starters, Weiner initially handled it much like he would as the bullshit-spinning spokesman for O&Co's talking points. He's Shmuck Shumer's mini-me, literally.

  3. Mesa Econoguy:

    There are so many weiner-related jokes this story can take, it's exhausting even thinking about them.....

  4. Sean:

    There one aspect of this whole story I find really troubling. Ever since it broke I cannot get the old Oscar Meyer wiener jingle out of my head.

  5. Chalutz:

    I'm pretty sure that question was asked by Benjy Bronk of the Howard Stern Show on Sirius radio. If you know anything about the show, Benjy is hardly a journalist. I guess he's somehow allowed to get press credentials.

  6. Ignoramus:

    Andrew Breitbart broke Wienergate.

    Breitbart is the ultimate guerilla journalist. He showed up early at Weiner's presser today and just took over the podium. Breitbart is the instigator of several fun stories including sending in a pretend young pimp and a hooker to ACORN.

    Take a look, this is actually amazing:

  7. Rob:

    @Mesa econoguy
    What did wiener say to boehner after the story broke?

  8. marco73:

    How this guy hopes to survive in Congress is beyond me. If I were to use my own personal computer and cell phone to harass women, my company would still get rid of me.
    Weiner used his official position to locate and sexually harass women. Where the heck are the feminists in all this? Where the heck is NOW's statement demanding he resign? But that question answers itself; just look at his party.

  9. caseyboy:

    Weiner epitomizes the elite ruling class in Washington DC. Above it all. This should actually improve his political resume among the democrat party. Did you see how easily he lied about being hacked initially? What a pro.

    The main stream media probably would have let him off the hook, but once Breitbart upstaged Weiner the jig was up. Couldn't have happened to a better guy.

  10. Judge Fredd:

    A turgid cock coming home to roost.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  11. Ted Rado:

    There is a bright side to Weinergate. As long as our congressmen are playing dirty on the internet, they are not passing idiotic, spendthrift, freedom-stifling legislation. Hoooray!

  12. tehag:

    Clinton was asked if he'd worn a condom while wondering about the meaning of "is" and not having sex with that woman.