Kudos to Facebook

I have been unbelievably skeptical about the whole Facebook thing, but a ton of my outdoors customers love it.  So we have been setting up Facebook pages for all of our major sites, and have had some good response already in terms of customers sharing questions and experiences.

But I have been incredibly unimpressed with the Facebook interface and the (it seems to me, but I am over 19) haphazard organization.  But Kudos to the Facebook team, which appear to have revamped the interface where one might manage a number of fan pages.  In particular, for each page it now has a notifications link which immediately lets me know if there are comments to moderate or questions to answer.


  1. Japanese Fashion:

    I'm not used to use facebook.So,i have a account,but i'm not to use.

  2. Danny:

    I'm used to facebook and have had an account since before it was open to everybody. I love facebook, but their interfaces are not exactly intelligent...and they are constantly changing. It is something you can only hope gets better in the future. The best part about it from a business perspective is the way information gets disseminated. People talk about the things they do, and when you are on facebook, and your campgrounds are part of the things people are doing, then you are going to get talked about in a way that leads people directly to your landing page.

    You should try their advertising. Best internet advertising around. I did some campaigns for a small company that sold garage organization equipment, and as soon as we took it to facebook we nearly tripled our revenues. With google, you can target people that are looking for what you sell, which is their advantage. But I don't think many people realize how many people sit around looking at facebook for 8 hours a day...you are bound to get clicks. From then on it is your responsibility to sell, but you will get boat loads of cheap visitors to your site.

  3. tomw:

    I have had an account for several years, but it makes no sense to me what happens when I click on things...
    I guess I'm too old to understand.

  4. Judge Fredd:

    "But Kudos to the Facebook team, which appear to have revamped the interface where one might manage a number of fan pages."

    While all the while leaving security flaws big enough to drive the Romanian Army through. No thanks. Although I have friends around the world who have FB, I refuse to create an account on such a non-secured, slip shod site.

  5. Smock Puppet:

    My own experience with Facebook is that it's an idiotic mishmosh of randomly chosen behaviors.

    For example, I was attempting to send a PM (i.e., 'e-mail') to a friend. I added a link to the text, and it promptly attempted to add a blurb of the link to the message. I didn't want that, so i hit "delete" when the focus was rather clearly THE LINK. So, of course, it deleted the entire half-written PM...

    GEE, THANKS, FACEBOOK, for doing such a GREAT job of figuring out EXACTLY what I wanted! I mean, everyone spends 10 minutes creating a message, and then wants it deleted, unverified, at the press of a single key!! ALL my other programs behave JUST LIKE THAT!!!

    Well, except for those crappy ones, like e-mail, Word, Excel...
    /Sneer off
    /Snark off

    I could eat beans, broccoli, and four-alarm chili and the resulting crap blasting out my ass onto a newspaper would represent better interface coding design than Facebook's.
    /snark REALLY off

  6. Smock Puppet:

    I should point out, I've been programming for 30 years. I understand good and bad interface design.

    Trust me, y'all:
    It's not you, it's Facebook Incompetence...