I Have Been Away

Sorry, I was out last week, pretty much all over the dang country.  One stop was up in the Buffalo area, where I had a few hours free and ran up to Niagra Falls for the first time.  I will post soon on some thoughts about the falls.


  1. Chris from Niagara Falls:

    Pet peeve - it's Niagara Falls. That second 'A' in Niagara disappears a lot... :-)

    Chris from Niagara Falls

  2. AnObserver:

    I live in Buffalo next to my business for 26 years now. I'll watch for your comments on the area and my favorite state park and give you some feedback. I'd love to see that park's management taken private just to see what could be done... @Chris - LoL - keep him straight...

  3. Don:

    Chris: Is that like "Nuclear"?

    Try Spanish names around a bunch of gringos: Guadalupe (Gwadu lUp) and San Jacinto (san jusentO or san jusentu). In Austin, if you pronounce the names of those streets correctly, nobody will know what you're talking about :^).

  4. BlogDog:

    Taking a break is good. If your bat'ries are recharged, even better.

  5. Jens Fiederer:

    My neck of the woods! Or foam, at least.

  6. BonafideView:

    Even the extensive trinket and casino development located a little too nearby could not detract from the mighty Niagara Falls. We enjoyed their never-ending beauty on one of the first days overlooks were opened in early spring last year. While in the area, we also took in one of those greatest of lakes, Lake Ontario. Couldn't leave without a pilgrimage to Cooperstown. We even took in a minor league baseball game in Wilkes-Barr. It was a grand trip for a Californian to share with her temporarily relocated son. He was working in the D.C. area while his girlfriend completed her graduate studies in economics from George Mason. Perhaps needless to say, they are also responsible for showing me the Coyote Blog. Have enjoyed your insightful muses ever since. Thanks!

  7. BonafideView:

    Oops! My apologies to all the expert spellers who have been vocal in this comment run. I meant to write Wilkes-Barre.