Two Lame People Who Are Even Lamer Together

Just when I thought I couldn't dislike either actor Steven Seagal or Sheriff Joe Arpaio any more, they team up to set a new low. The short story -- Arpaio sent Seagal in a tank to knock down the walls of a home that was suspected of having cockfighting on the premises.  Really.


  1. DrTorch:

    I would love to have seen a young Segal in MMA. Guy is fast.

  2. Evil Red Scandi:

    Wow, I guess it's possible to be a real dick about cockfighting.

  3. ben:

    Wait. I was expecting the link to take me to a produced clip with humour but a serious message from Arpaio, with some (I hope cheap) star power thrown in for attention.

    But this is real life?

  4. BGThree:

    Duh. If you don't use your tank at every opportunity how else can you justify funding for said tank?

  5. m:

    The only upside to this is that Segal didn't have to do any acting...

  6. Karl:

    I'm sorry but I love Steven Segal because his stuff is real. I just wish he would lose some of that weight

  7. chuck martel:

    Glad to see the arrestee wasn't one of my cockfighting buddies from the Phoenix area. Evidently, the chickens are criminals also, since they were given the death penalty. How do you suppose they were dispatched? Firing squad? Hanging? Lethal injection? Jeez, they're fighting chickens. That's what they do. If you don't like cock fights, don't go to them. It's not like the aficianados of the game force anyone else to watch.

    There's pressure to accept "diversity" in this country, respect for the cultural traditions of the many and varied immigrant groups that have found their way here. But that mostly just goes for things like colorful costumes,folk dances and exotic cuisine. When it comes to practices that these strangers have enjoyed in their homelands for centuries, things like cockfighting, chewing khat or marrying 13 year old girls, that's just a little too diverse.

    Actually, cockfighting has a long history all over the world, including the British Isles and early America. It's been around Arizona and New Mexico as long as there's been chickens. I can't get too upset about it.

    Now what about sport fishing? Where you catch a fish and then throw it back, with no intention of eating it? In my book, that's fish torture, painfully impaling some unsuspecting bass on a phony bug, scaring the bejeezus out of it, and then letting it go? So somebody else can do it again later? Sure, there's no blood and feathers and you can't hear the fish's screams but it's still not quite right. Maybe better introduce some legislation about that.

  8. me:

    Oh my god it's Steven Segal

  9. Salman Khan:

    It's always lovely to watch Steven Segal performing. He doesn't loose weight though.

  10. Mark:

    Seriously, this is the kind of effort I can support Joe with.

    Cock fighting is not something that should be encouraged, and a get tough policy like Joe's is very effective in keeping the crime rate low.

    Remember that is how giuliani cleaned up New York. A get tough, no tolerance policy, and of course all the progressives and civil libertarians complained, but New York City became, in his tenure safe and livable.

    I agree with you on some of Joe's issues, there does seem to be a disregard in regards to funding, and misusing city money.

    But in this case I think it is just whining.

  11. Orion:

    If you read Freakonomics you will find a very different argument for the crime drop in NYC. According to that anyway, it had absolutely nothing to do with Guliani or his policies. In fact, the crime drop happened virtually everywhere in the US at the same time regardless of police changes or lack thereof.

  12. Blackadder:

    I have read Freakonomics, and it does credit Guiliani's policies with a significant part of the crime drop, just not the broken windows policy (it was more cops on the street).

  13. Mark:

    @Orion, yes everyone is getting older so there is less crime. The NYC crime drop was much greater than around the rest of the country.

    Also The sociologists folks don't really have a handle on what causes crime. During this recession we were suppose to have a massive crime wave because poor people will rob liqueur stores and banks. It never happened. The progressive criminologists and sociologists who seem to be the favorite of news organizations - have been shown to have their causes and solutions not seem to work or be the cause of the problem in the first place.

    Freakonomics was interesting in spots, but in much of the book it was just a hack work.

  14. Pat Moffitt:

    It truly is unsettling when government views our lives as reality TV. Reality TV shows are often cancelled.

  15. Goober:

    It was all done in order to make ratings on Seagal's show, which has been canceled because he is in legal trouble. If I were that homeowner, faced with the wanton destruction of my property, risk to the lives of my family and myself, over what amounts to a misdemeanor, so that they could get ratings for a TV show and stoke the egos of a couple cops with superiority complexes...

    ...oh man, I would freaking OWN that sheriff's department. YOu want to talk easy case of unecessary force? This baby is open and shut!

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  17. Dan:

    If every city in the US had a sheriff like Joe, this country would be better off. Every prisoner in the US should be living in a tent city. Think of all the money we'd be saving on prison budgets. All we'd need for another prison is an open field, some barbed wire, porta-potties and some canvas.

  18. Meenu Kapoor:

    Remember that is how giuliani cleaned up New York. A get tough, no
    tolerance policy, and of course all the progressives and civil
    libertarians complained, but New York City became, in his tenure safe
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