Great Toy

I have to second Glenn Reynolds recommendation of this Snap Circuits electronic kit.  This is BY FAR the most user friendly electronic building toy we have found, and it works great.  I don't see that many kids with these so its a great gift for nieces and nephews who you are not sure what they already own.


  1. Ben:

    Seconded. My 7-year old loves it so much, it's like he doesn't even realize he's learning :)

  2. Ironman:

    And then, there's the next generation of building toys, now in development!

  3. MikeinAppalachia:

    And a third endorsement-any toy that got my grandson away from his playstation would be wonderful and this one is a great teaching tool as well.

  4. Noumenon:

    I never learned anything from the Radio Shack version of this. I put together several of the recipes (like a light-activated alarm clock) but the only part that was any fun was making the light light up and the speaker do a theremin noise. This will either take a special kid or an interested parent to create a future engineer.

  5. John R:

    Not just a great toy - a great company. We broke a switch and I contacted the company to get a replacement. They sent it free (did I mention that it was our misuse that broke the switch and I offered to pay for the replacement?) and were, in general, a pleasure to deal with.

  6. Douglas2:

    Between you and Glenn Reynolds I'm never going to get the Ebay deal on one of these that I've been waiting for. Blast!

  7. EscapedWestOfTheBigMuddy:

    Bought one at a garage sale a few years ago for my brothers kids.

    Pulled all the bits out to test them after I got home, and spent hours dinking around with it.

    Great toy.

    The niece took to it instantly, but the nephews never gave it a second glance.