At Least They Seem To Be Working

Apparently a number of Congressmen have been sleeping on cots in their House offices rather than in an apartment somewhere.  Why these guys are a bigger threat to democracy than, say, Congressmen who are never in the House and miss tons of votes, is a mystery to me.


  1. morganovich:

    i think we should make them all do that...

  2. Vitaeus:

    Hmm, this must make them harder to lobby or something, I don't really see a down side for the citizens.

  3. Pat:

    The taxpayer pays for the office either way. The taxpayer pays the Congressman's salary. Neither change based on where the Congressman sleeps. How is this a problem? How could it possibly be unethical?

  4. Sol:

    Wait, what? I would have thought Congressmen that are lazy bums are wildly preferable to workaholic Congressmen. That government is best which governs least...

  5. Craig:

    You can be sure, Sol, that the Congressmen that are the most egregious spenders, regulators, and morons wouldn't be caught dead sleeping on a cot in their offices.