Home School Sports in Arizona?

Quick bleg here -- if you have any contacts with organizations of homeschoolers in AZ, could you drop me an email?  Our small high school is, due to some random factors, short of baseball players.  We have a well-coached program on a nice field and play in the Arizona (AIA) 2A league against public and private schools.  Homeschoolers are eligible to play for us and we would love to find some dedicated players looking for this kind of experience.   Many of our kids make the starting lineup as Freshmen, so there is a lot better chance of getting good playing time here vs. other larger high school programs.  All positions are welcome but from a personal standpoint, since my son is first in the rotation, we could really use some pitchers so he doesn't need Tommy John surgery by the end of the year ;=)


  1. txjim:

    Good on ya Coyote! I wish I lived in AZ just so my kid could join up with your crew. Good luck!

  2. EarlW:

    My son is really interested in baseball, but we live in Canada, where the season is very short.
    I don't think he would be eligible to play in your league unless we moved.