Lindzen on Global Warming

Richard Lindzen has a great article out that summarizes much of the skeptic's case.  I do not have time to excerpt it right now, but I don't have to because Bruce McQuain does such good job.  If you find Lindzen's arguments interesting, I encourage you to watch my climate video that makes many of the same points with the addition of graphics and charts to make the points clearer to those who don't spend all their time wallowing around in these climate issues.


  1. chuck martel:

    It seems more and more obvious that history, evidence and logical thought simply aren't adequate to counter a fairy tale with the potential for the transfer of large amounts of money to connected parties.

  2. caseyboy:

    Chuck, I agree that grant money and wealth transfer were huge motivating factors in "shaping" the science. However, I think motivations are now more about academic survival and peer respect. I think the AGW proponents have already lost the monetary objective and are now fighting a rear guard action to preserve whatever they can. Flawed science and flawed scientists goes hand in hand on this one.

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  5. Lorenzo from Oz:

    Global warming is the eugenics of our time: a new science exhibiting premature certainty, appealing to fashionable prejudices and justifying centralized control over basic aspects of existence. (I discuss the point a further length here.)