I Just Paid $25 (a person!) to See A Movie

We tried out the new IPic theater yesterday.  They are shooting at a super-premium niche, and we went for the top package.  For our money we got free valet parking, free popcorn, and an unbelievable luxury recliner seat as nice and roomy and comfortable as anything in your house.  Waiters brought food and drinks (including cocktails) to our seats, and my wife got a nice pillow and blanket.   Not sure I am taking the kids to the smurf movie (yes, there is one coming) at this place, but it was a great date night with the wife, and in the current economy had a sort of Fiddling While Rome Burned kind of vibe to it.


  1. CoderInCrisis:

    The first iPic opened here in Milwaukee a few years ago. It is a bit on the pricey side, but it is a fantastic place to watch a movie. It's the kind of place you go for a big "event" movie.

  2. Geoff:

    Do they have double seats in the back row? like in the movies when I was a kid :-)

  3. James H:

    If the $25 includes the popcorn, it may be cheaper than the other theaters. What is it, $10.50 for admission plus $7.50 for popcorn now? No valet parking, blankets, or pillows, definitely no cocktails available.

  4. Richard:

    Here in Austin we have Alamo Drafthouse (spreading to other cities). Typical ticket price is $6.50. No valet parking or blankets but they have a full bar with a good selection of beer and a full kitchen. They have real chefs come in to prepare the menu and food. Typical night there with movie tickets, food, and drinks for 2 is usually around $40-50.

    We like it because if the movie ends up being bad all you have to do is order another pitcher of beer. Pretty soon you'll be watching a good movie.

  5. morganovich:

    $10.50 for admission? you'd be lucky to do that well at a matinee in san francisco.

    movies are more like $15, $20 at imax.

    this sounds like a helluva deal to me.