In the Backyard

A while back, we finally finished reworking our backyard, one of those 3 month projects that eventually threaten to be a multi-generational saga.  We turned our existing pool, with a bit of trickery, into a zero-edge thing, put a dark bottom in it and ended up with a nice effect.  I probably could have posted it upside down and no one would have been able to tell the difference.  The pool design creates a surface like glass.

The tree is an ironwood.  A lot of the more interesting plants will not grow in the desert, but an exception is the native ironwood tree.  We have three now and every one is a work of art.


  1. Terri:

    This is stunning!

  2. ElamBend:

    I've never been one for desert life, but it's 12 degrees here in Chicago today and this looks amazing.

  3. skh.pcola:

    That is absolutely beautiful. Very relaxing...

  4. caseyboy:

    Hopefully no one will spoil the image by swimming in it. Heaven forbid. Seriously it looks pretty neat. How large is it?

  5. Craig:

    Zero-edge pools are the bomb.

    Do people still say that? Anyway, it's very cool.

  6. Steve W from Ford:

    Beautiful pool but isn't having a tree hanging over it kind of a pain once the leaves fall? We used to have a large bougainvillea by our pool in Az and it was very nice looking, but Oh! When the wind blew, what a mess.