They Should Be Getting Degrees in Post-Modern Art Criticism Instead

Congress is cracking down on for-profit universities that market relatively fast degrees (< 2 years) in certain vocational programs like auto mechanics.  Apparently, Congress is concerned about "vocational programs in which a large share of students don't earn enough to pay back their loans."

So Congress is worried about students paying several thousand dollars and investing 18 months of their lives for a degree that may not repay their student debts.  No word yet on whether they are looking into students who spend four years and $160,000 for Ivy League gender studies degrees, which we all know have simply enormous income-generation potential.


  1. jsalvati:

    As a general matter though, I think it can be difficult for people to assess how school will affect their earning potential. I often tell people trying to pick a major to go look at the BLS statistics. Those are poorly organized and can be intimidating, unfortunately.

  2. alokita:

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  3. D-man:

    @jsalvati: No, it's not that hard. Just about anything beginning with "computer" is a winner. Everything ending with "studies" guarantees you'll either be delivering pizzas or President of a super power.

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  5. dr kill:

    Yes Warren, but you're forgetting the recent takeover of student loans by the Feds. They now have the power to forgive, suspend, deny or postpone repayments or original loans as they attempt to drive higher education inot their idea of social relevancy.
    Engineering? Forget it. Minority Studies? That's my boy. Now you're (not) learning.

  6. NJConservative:

    Judging by the growth in government hiring, it is entirely possible that those Gender Studies graduates may be in tremendous demand!

  7. ElamBend:

    No doubt they'll address the massive subsidies in loans from the feds that lead to the bubble in academic expense in the first place.

  8. DrTorch:

    Forget the Ivy Leagues. How about the state universities? They're much more involved in this type of action.

    What's a "leisure studies" degree anyway?

    And for that matter, how many Psychology and Social Work degrees does the market really bear?

  9. anon:

    People with degrees in majors like Gender Studies from a private school almost always vote Democrat.

  10. caseyboy:

    Just as long as they don't continue on to law school. We have more than enough lawyers now.

  11. Zach:


    Don't worry. Unless you want to work grinding 80-100 hour weeks as a no-name corporate lawyer, you're not going to make it rich coming out of law school anytime soon. We may be making plenty of lawyers, but they don't have anywhere to go.

  12. John David Galt:

    If ObamaCare isn't repealed in time, most of America's *doctors* won't be able to earn enough in their careers to pay back their student loans (which is why a poll showed that 40% of them are thinking of quitting the profession). Maybe Congress and the President should crack down on themselves!

  13. Plungerman:

    I think were on the verge of somthing wonderful. An education bubble. I heard years ago of a cafe, I think in MA, where the owner would only consider hiring PhD students to wait tables. Consider the great tales of the nuclear physisicts washed up in Isreal to early to retire.

    At least the level of mindelss chatter will improve.


  14. jimbob86:

    It's all part of the plan: They will subsidize anything that produces dependency. In order to do that, they penalize productive ability and subsidize things like tort lawyers and gubmint red tape machines that inhibit production.

  15. Steve Skubinna:

    A Gender/Queer/Womyn's/Third World Studies degree does seem a bit steep entree to a career with Starbucks.

    A million years ago I got my BA in history. Got tired of explaining to people that I was in getting it because I enjoyed history, not to find a job. Go to a trade school for that, it's a waste of money and time to get a four year degree just to qualify for employment.

  16. Matt G:

    If ONLY there were a method of accrediting programs.

    Oh yeah: it's called the Free Market.

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