Welcome to Phoenix...

...where cold fronts drop the temperatures into the 90's:

While an excessive heat warning is in effect through Monday, temperatures are expected to plunge into the mid-90s by the weekend, according to the National Weather Service...

The large drop in temperatures can be attributed to a cold front that is expected to move through Arizona on Friday, Leines added.


  1. TJIC:

    Make fun of MA all you want, I'm enjoying the heck out of a 75 ° day!

  2. Craig:

    65° in my little corner of Western New York. I know it's a "dry" heat down there, but I'll come visit in February.

  3. Anna:

    That reminds me of Minneapolis in the early '90s, when temperatures in the 30s were celebrated as "warm" (with the sun out, people were eating out on the patio with snow on the ground) and college kids started sunbathing in their bikinis, on the dorm lawns, when the temp reached the low 50s. That was the winter when, for about 3 weeks, the highs were below zero. And we got down to minus 75 at one point.

    Good times.

  4. DrTorch:

    Pshaw. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the desert.

  5. M:

    78° in San Diego, California, though I did have to sell my soul to live here...