I Not Think That Word Means What You Think it Means

My guess is that most of your would define "temperate" and "moderate" differently than we do in Phoenix.

The summer so far has shaped up to be, well, temperate in the Phoenix area.

June has fallen into a pattern of moderate temperatures, with high temperatures falling consistently close to 100 degrees without the big jumps to 110 or above. This follows a fairly temperate May.

Beautiful week right now.  "Only" about 104F today.


  1. Barbara S. Meyer:

    Makes you folks all wonder, what's all the fuss about going to hell!

  2. Gary:

    lol ... but it is a dry heat !!!! :)

  3. Kelly:

    I just relocated to AZ and while I was prepared for hotter weather, I didn't expect our new place to have it's HVAC unit on the fritz. The temperate weather, combined with being not actually in Phoenix makes this ok until the repair guys get here.

  4. John Moore:

    What amazes me is that the weather service shows 104 degrees on a dry day in June in Phoenix as "hot."

    Hot is 115 on a dry day in June, or 105 on a monsoon day in Aug.

    So far this year, I have yet to experience even one uncomfortably hot day. It's very nice. Anything below 110, in the shade, with the low humidity, is just fine.

  5. Eric Hammer:

    Yea, I was a little surprised about that. Living up in PA where >80degrees is miserable with the humidity I used to think the drivers that worked for me were just insane saying "Yea, it's not too bad, only 105". Then I went down on a business trip and Phoenix actually isn't bad at 105 or so. Not go for a jog at noon weather (though some rather lovely ladies were doing just that!) but definitely tolerable. I really was shocked about just how dry that heat is, and how much that helps.

    Still, I will take 72 with a breeze any day ;)

  6. Michael S.:

    Ha! I remember when I lived in Tempe, anything up to about 105 felt really good. Here in Ohio, anything above 85 degrees is miserable. I tend to sweat a lot, and there is almost no evaporative benefit to it. I'd take Tempe @ 104 over Ohio @ 85 any day of the week.