Climate Presentation in Colorado

I will be making a presentation on the science of the climate skeptic's position on April 12 from 5-7PM at the University of Colorado "“ Colorado Springs (UCCS) in the UC 302 theater  (campus map).  I hope folks who are interested in the Denver / Colorado Springs area will attend.


  1. Jeremy:

    If there is a video of the event I'd love to be able to see it.

  2. Allen:

    Nice. Sorry that I couldn't make it.

  3. Rick:

    Any chance you'd come to Boulder? I think you'd find a "lively" audience here.

  4. Deena:

    Are tickets required or do we need to make a reservation?
    If so, could you post contact information for reserving spots or point me in a general direction?
    Looking forward to it :)
    Thank you!

  5. Keith:

    Can't seem to find your presentation listed on the online campus event calendar. I hope to make it there that evening.

  6. casyboy:

    Give em hell! Oh wait minute, that sounded like a right wing, tea party nut case. I meant to say I hope you are able to enlighten those who believe that man-made behavior is the root cause of climate change. Hope it doesn't get canceled due to a snow storm!