Obama specifically promises not to spend the stimulus money on dog parks  (as an example of what people would consider frivolous public investment).  Katherine Mangu-Ward brings us this picture of a stimulus funded dog park near her home:



  1. BJN:

    I wonder how many jobs were created to make all those ARRA signs...

  2. Eric:

    Hey a dog park is better then billions to bail out crooked banks. If a dog park was built in my neighborhood, it'll definitely be used. There's a zillion dogs around here.

  3. Colin:

    I've walked by that park plenty of times. It's near Dupont Circle. Thing is, that project had already been approved long before Barack Obama was even elected, having been approved in June 2008 -- which means it was on the drawing board even before then:,a,1239,q,640839.asp

    The Obama Administration wanted a "shovel ready" project to fund, DC gave them the dog park, and probably used the money it would have spent on the park for something else.

  4. palm beach sugar daddy ken doll:

    not seeing a problem here. small little dog parks like these are *exactly like* the sort of things the CCC & WPA trotted out in the depression to keep the men busy - things like hoover dam and the tennessee valley dams, and everybody thought THOSE were all great ideas and shit. amazingly enough, it seems the cost for a dog park is now almost *precisely* what it cost to build hoover dam, BTW. i myself am personally really looking forward to the multi-billion dollar 'revamping of the nation's interstate highway rest-stop restrooms' project. just imagine: heated mink & chinchilla toilet seats! solid gold urinals! a large and intrusive government 'rest-stop attendants' agency, complete with unions and pensions and 'black' budgets for highly secret toilets! this'll be **great**!

    (unless, of course, you find yourself needing to use one on a federal holiday - in which case, they'll all be closed and guarded by marines authorized to kill to keep out unauthorized interlopers - but you can always use a nearby *bush* or something, unless they happen to make it a federal crime to go potty outdoors.)(but they wouldn't do that, right? that'd be *crazy*!!)

  5. Charlotte:

    I think the dog parks will soon come with TSA like inspections and require proof of up to date shots for the pooch from your Vet.

    Expect tear gas and tasers for any dog fight that breaks out.