Freaking Hilarious Take on Krugman

Steven Landsburg via Mark Perry

It's always impressive to see one person excel in two widely disparate activities: a first-rate mathematician who's also a world class mountaineer, or a titan of industry who conducts symphony orchestras on the side. But sometimes I think Paul Krugman is out to top them all, by excelling in two activities that are not just disparate but diametrically opposed: economics (for which he was awarded a well-deserved Nobel Prize) and obliviousness to the lessons of economics (for which he's been awarded a column at the New York Times).

It's a dazzling performance. Time after time, Krugman leaves me wide-eyed with wonder at how much economics he has to forget to write those columns.


  1. Noumenon:

    That is some top-quality snark. Thanks.

  2. Dr. T:

    "Time after time, Krugman leaves me wide-eyed with wonder at how much economics he has to forget to write those columns."

    Steven Landsburg is too kind to Krugman. I believe that Krugman deliberately ignores economics when he writes columns that pander to leftist compatriots and to the Obama administration. He remembers economics, but he abandons ethics.

  3. Rob:

    @Dr. T
    it might not be that he forgets or ignores necessarily.
    He probably just doesn't derive from Hayek...

    Personally I don't see top down macro management working, but that is just from my experience with modeling complex adaptive systems. Some might say that computer models are biased, but it is from my experience that I derive my following if Hayek. It's not that ignore Keynes, just think Hayek is better.

  4. Methinks:


    It is from my experience living in a country which attempted top down macro management from which I draw the conclusion that it is the most destructive and soul sucking system imaginable.

    Of course, I don't for a moment think that Krugman believes it will work. It's just that he thinks he'll be at the top of the heap in such a system and he'll finally extract the worship from the masses he desires. Let's face it, he doesn't look like he was ever popular with the ladies and judging from the comments those who know him personally have made, the man is no joy to be around. Having power over people is pretty much the only way for him to force people to be nice to him. Call me cynical, but like I said, I have some experience with a top-down system and the people who thrived in it.

  5. Rob:

    You are probably right. I'm still a little naive when it comes to trusting an outwardly appearance (ie. Benefit of the doubt).

    I Lol'd on your comment about krugman to the ladies!