We Have Clearly Run Out of Real Law Enforcement Challenges

Via the AZ Republic, the excepting of which will probably bring in all kinds of spam code into this post no matter how hard I try to get rid of it:

Arizona wildlife officials are investigating the shooting death of a prairie dog in southern Arizona.

Apparently the state is irritated because this prairie dog was brought to the state as part of a program to bring more plague-infested nuisance rodents onto our land - on purpose!

The prairie dog was one of more than 100 transported from New Mexico in October 2008 in hopes of reintroducing the indigenous species to southern Arizona.


  1. Not Sure:

    I believe Tyrannosaurs were also indigenous to Arizona at one time. Maybe attempts at reintroduction (after successful cloning, of course) are in order?

  2. Brad K.:

    Perhaps this particular act of civil disobedience is seen as a radical, terroristic harbinger of waves of violence to come, as rabid gun-toters react, badly, to the intended avalanche of regulations and taxes that Congress is working on.

    After all, Pelosi/Reid/Obama do *not* want kids growing up hunting prairie dogs like Grandpa did. (I envision Grandpa, standing tall, with mementos of military and civil service on the wall behind him, among pictures of happy family members.)

  3. colson:

    "Ok, you guys who are shoveling dirt from ditch A to ditch B, go to ditch B. We will now move dirt from ditch B to ditch A. Just make sure that you don't put the same dirt in the same place it was before. It must look like we did something productive!"

  4. Jim Collins:

    The prarie dog got into a dispute with a city born jackrabbit and lost? Or was it suicide. I mean being relocated against his will had to be stressful on the poor critter.

  5. feeblemind:

    Introducing prairie dogs to an area is insane. They completely devastate any environment in which they reside.

  6. whatever...:

    I agree. Bring back the Tyrannosaurs to the greater Phoenix area, preferably in an unscheduled fashion with optional social cause that requires a local or federal grant.

  7. spiro:

    ...crossing my fingers and hoping it was a starving illegal immigrant. Let the victim's poker begin!