Thanks to My Readers -- The Solution for White Non-Fluorescent Paper

Thanks to my readers, I have cracked the problem of finding white non-fluorescent paper, which I will post here for the benefit of future Google searchers.   At first I tried some natural bond paper, and it didn't fluoresce, but it added too much yellow to the final product.  I was just in the middle of playing with Photoshop to see if I could compensate, when Agesilaus said that this was a concern in archival and art photography and what I wanted was OBA-free paper.  OBA is the term for a class of optical brighteners that fluoresce and are used in most papers, and because they can cause fading, artists and photographers create a market for OBA-free paper.  It can be expensive, like 70 cents a sheet, but since I can put most all the signs and details I need on a sheet or two, that is no big deal.  Here is one source, not surprisingly from the comments, a photography outlet.

Thanks everyone!

PS - TJIC thought the scorpion thing was creepy.  It sort of is, but it beats shoveling snow.


  1. TJIC:

    > PS – TJIC thought the scorpion thing was creepy. It sort of is, but it beats shoveling snow.

    When you can buy a 5 HP self-powered two-stage scorpion removing machine, I might be willing to reconsider scorpions vs. snow.

    ...but not until then...

  2. steep:

    If you know the paper you want, this place

    has sample packs and their shipping time map is accurate. I've had very good luck ordering there and getting next day delivery for inkjet supplies.

  3. happyjuggler0:

    Another victory for dispersed planning.