Like Some Weird Cargo-Cult Temple

Passed this the other day in Guntersville, Alabama.  Where vending machines go to die.



I wish I could have shot it from the air.  None of the ground pictures really do the monument justice.


  1. Parker:

    Welcome to North Alabama! Does your company manage a campground up here? If so, which one? My family and I are just starting to get back into weekend camping trips and I would very much like to support non state-run campgrounds.

  2. Angus S-F:

    WRT an aerial view, did you look for it on Google Earth?

  3. aeronathan:

    I drove by that place last time I was passing through Guntersville. It is a bit out of the ordinary.

    I'm also with parker, I'm in Huntsville and would love to support one of your campsites one weekend.

  4. Foxfier:

    1) Coolishly, it's a web-famous "strange graveyard."

    2) Satellite view on google maps should work alright-- this is listed as "Lake City Vending" of Guntersville, but I think it's the owner's home, not the storage area.

  5. Bob Weber:

    I Google Earth for Guntersville, Alabama and look at 34° 20' 55" N and 86° 17' 52" W and see a lot of brightly colored objects by a railroad.

  6. Another Guy Named Dan:

    For some odd reason, I can just see that place getting covered in volcanic ash and then dug up 5000 years from now. Some pseudo-archaeologist is going to make a fortune with a book "proving" that it was a major religious center.