Reading the Health Care Bill

Here are some notes on the health care bill from one person who plowed all the way through it.  Some of the interpretations are a bit over the top, but I find it a useful index to help me find relevent sections I want to read in more detail.


  1. Ed Boyle:

    The Obamacare bill is unbelievably evil. It must be voted down. Contact congress!!

  2. Amir:

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  3. Dan Smith:

    Some of the assertions are way over the top, like the allegation the bill will pay for illegal immigrants. Actually, it specifically excludes them; one of the few good things about it. Let's face it: the bill as written is financially unsustainable, according the the CBO.That says enough for me to say thumbs down.

  4. Thom Moses:

    There are two arguments going on, one is: What's in the bill or not in the bill? But the second and (in my opinion) the more crucial argument is the unfortunably hypothethical predicting the future where is this taking us (We the People). How many jobs will this bill destroy. Sen Specter said yesterday there would be 2 plans, one that covers abortion & one that does not. What about pregnancy? What about 1 plan for healthy and one open enrollment. And why according to Prez Obamurdoff is there suddenly 45million US CITIZENS not covered when everyone claims that number includes illegals. Hint.... imigration reform bill is coming fast, they will be Citizens!!!

  5. Thom Moses:

    Today, NPR reported Obama is pushing for immigration reform by year end. He wants to make the illegals legals. Yesterday at his townhall meeting he said there were 45 million U.S. citizens that needed health ins. That number includes the illegals. The illegals will be "legals" and therefore will be covered.