Good Job With Those Layers Of Editing

From the AP today, whose editors obviously all failed chemistry


Must be edited by Mr. Mom -- CO, CO2, whatever it takes.


  1. John Moore:

    My guess..

    The reporter and editor(s) thinking went like this...

    "Kid dies of carbon something poisoning"

    "CO2 is evil"

    "Kid died of CO2 poisoning"

    Journalists seem to be proud of their lack of scientific education.

  2. Michael:

    I remember Sam Kinison being accused by gay activists of tell medical incorrect jokes. I am unaware that comedians are required to attend medical school. As I am unaware that journalists are required to take chemistry, or ethics.

  3. Mike:

    Often times when AZCentral reprints stories, they edit the story, removing parts, repeating parts, and even changing the headline of the story. I highly suspect this headline is AZCentral's own. Of course, even if I find the original AP story, there's no telling if it was an AP headline originally, then changed.

  4. Not Sure:

    Chemicals are scary. The government should outlaw them.

  5. Brandybuck:

    This is an unusual case. Most people who die at Lake Mead have been overcome by dihydrogen monoxide.

  6. Kyle Bennett:

    "Layers of Editors and Fact Checkers" is a euphemism for "it's not my responsibility".

    Brandybuck, or alkyl hydroxyl.

  7. Dr. T:

    Possible media spin after consulting expert:

    If carbon monoxide poisoing caused the boy to pass-out and fall into the lake, then he would have died of a combination of CO poisoning, CO2 build-up, and O2 deprivation. So, the headline is partly correct.

  8. jeff:

    I blame global warming.

  9. Elliot:

    Perhaps they were giving dictation. The boy was overcome by CO too, on top of something else, like gunfire or a blow to the head. Blame the chemicals.


  10. Everitt Mickey:

    "If they could do the numbers they wouldn't be journalists" should be possibly expanded to include anything remotely factual or technical.

    Modern day "journalism" is, after all, about "feelings".