Wow, I'm So Glad Its Not Just Me

XKCD, of course.
I really felt this way when it came time to take my first baby home from the hospital.   You can't just be letting me take him home -- I don't know what I am doing!


  1. tribal elder:

    My brother, the pediatrician, called me at 5AM when his first child was born. He commented on how he was now a parent for life - I guess they didn't cover that so much at medical school.

  2. spiro:

    Coyote, agree 100%. Our first born just turned 1, and I can vividly remember that first night back home from the hospital. I must have woken up 15 times that night to creep in his room and check the crib to make sure he was still breathing. I think my wife added 15 times of her own.
    Now, a year later, I'm lucky if I catch up to him BEFORE he has devoured half the cat's food or filled the toilet with whatever he can find in the vicinity.
    I AM the World's Best Dad.