Thought on Mike Huckabee

I generally don't do horserace style political blogging on strategy between the Coke and Pepsi parties, and I am not going to start now.   However, I did find it funny that it was Mike Huckabee threatening Sarah Palin that she should not leave the GOP.  It's funny to me because of all the things the GOP could do to potentially attract me to the party, having Mike Huckabee leave the party would be close to first on the list.


  1. Bill:

    Amen Brother!

  2. Foxfier:

    He's STILL calling himself a Repub?


  3. dr kill:

    Fucking a right.

  4. Rob:

    He might make a good Czar of Bubba-ology.

    I don't think that he's much of a threat.

    Unfortunately, if McCain is a Republican then Huckabee is as well.

    Still looking for Atilla the Hun. She ( B-) ) might make it, though she should wait a cycle or two (2016, 2020) and build an organization like Ronaldus Maximus did.

  5. gadfly:

    Mike Huckabee is a chameleon. At church gatherings (political or otherwise) his "preacher's sermon" voice appears and on the stump in Iowa, he got all the raves as a "populist" supporting the little guy and opposing those beltway bums. His gig as Arkansas governor left most pundits leery of his totally inconsistent policies. He blows in the wind and the best thing he could do is shut up and blow away.

    I would go into detail to support what I just said, but he is not worth the time. I will say that I am a Palinista, so don't get on her case.

  6. txjim:

    Right on amigo. The Huckster is a nanny stater who thinks nothing of using govt to stick his nose in our private business and then tell us it is for our own good.

    As for Palin, the main thing she has going for her up to this point, in my book anyway, is the fact she pisses off the people I can't stand. I'm waiting for Palin to show she is willing to dump on the big govt nanny staters that took over the party during the Bush years.