OK, One Coyote Likes Light Rail

Sent to me by a reader, picture from this article.


Fortunately, there seem to be plenty of empty seats for him ;=)


  1. Dr. T:

    Wiley is the most satisfied rider on the train: he didn't pay a fare, and he didn't have his income and property taxed for the next thirty years to cover the costs of the light rail line.

  2. Gordon R. Durand:

    I spotted the photo back in October 2006 when eponymous blogger MaxRedline had it in his blog profile. I didn't know the story until now, though. Thanks.

  3. EconGrad:

    I would argue that his territory was taxed. All of the roads, the wildlife and rodent control, the noise, the lights, that all reduces the value of his territory, thus costing him value!

  4. dearieme:

    He was just setting off on a journey to DC for the inauguration.

  5. Maddmedic:

    I bet PETA put him up to it!!!

  6. Transit:

    Dr. T maybe you ought to read the TTI Urban Mobility report of 2007.

  7. Transit:

    It shows you just how much transit benefits us.