The Glass Floor

I also thought about titling this post "Recession:  Rich, white males hardest hit."  This is one of the more interesting economic/demographics charts I have seen of late  (of course from Mark Perry):


See Mark Perry's post for more, and some guesses at explanations.


  1. Dr. T:

    Is the male-female job loss disparity due primarily to the large decline in the home construction business?

  2. John Dewey:

    The Business Week explanation contains a mistatement:

    "The manufacturing sector is in long-term decline"

    While the number of manufacturing jobs has been declining for three decades, the sector itself is not in decline. U.S. manufacturing GDP was at an all time high in 2007, following four years of significant gains. It's true that a few hundred thousand manufacturing jobs have been moved overseas. But the major cause for decline in manufacturing jobs continues to be productivity gains - in some part due to automation and some part due to improved work processes.