I'd Hate to See Winter

There is some discussion over at Climate Audit about Ojmjakon, Russia in the context of trying to debug some recent NASA temperature measurement glitches.  But I could not get past this data, which really seems a bit nippy for late Autumn:


Well, as long as its sunny.


  1. EconGrad:

    Wow. Brr. How does anything mechanical even function at those temperatures?

  2. SR:

    How do /humans/ function at those temperatures?

  3. EconGrad:

    By hiding inside of mechanical and physical structures. And lighting very large fires. Hopefully.

  4. Wing And A Whim:

    And thus the phrase I learned to mutter often in Fairbanks, before moving south to the warm coastal climate of Anchorage, Alaska: "I hope it warms up enough to snow."

    Sunny is bad. Sunny means clear skies at night - clouds hold heat. Of course, Sunny is a relative term, given the length of time (not long) the sun's above the horizon...

  5. McGehee:

    Heh. My first winter in Fairbanks (1994-95), the mercury hit -45°F. on Thanksgiving. Just about the same time a drunk hit the rear bumper of my car and shattered it.

    In fairness, that was the earliest-ever recorded -45 in Fairbanks. Even so...