Garden Art

My wife and I went to see the opening of Dale Chihuly's new exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.  Chihuly is, if not the leading, certainly the most famous modern glass artist  (he is perhaps best known for the lobby at the Bellagio, though this is far from my favorite work).  He has done garden exhibits before, but the shapes and colors were perfect for the desert landscape.

I don't have pictures yet from Arizona (we saw the exhibit at night), but here are some examples of his work:


And from a garden show in New York:


Information on the exhibit is here.  Highly recommended for anyone visiting Phoenix this winter.  I think one of the reasons my wife and I like his work is that his work is in some way reminiscent of the handbags she designs.


  1. CactusJeff:

    Totally off topic: Your RSS feed hasn't been updating at Yahoo for a couple of weeks. I tried removing it and re-adding it to my content, but it's still showing headlines from two weeks ago. Think the RSS is broken on your end, or do you think the problem is with Yahoo?

  2. Rick:

    While I love his work I think "artisan" would be a better description. That piece that you pictured is pretty much the same as a dozen others he's made. Cool, but not art.

  3. xpatUSA:

    @CactusJeff: FWIW, it's still working fine on my iGoogle page. Realize this may not help much!


  4. Noah D:

    His exhibit at the Indianapolis Children's Museum is pretty impressive.