1970s, Here We Come

The economy, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party are all acting more and more like they did in the 1970s.  Keep your head down, and expect more of this kind of garbage.


  1. linearthinker:

    The punch line:
    "...It would probably have been a good thing."

    The preface:
    Comment heard on Rush Limbaugh relating what a parent of one of the aircrew lost on 9/11 said in reference to the hypothetical what if Flight 93, or the plane that hit the Pentagon, had instead crashed into the capitol building? Having once heard that thought, it resonates whenever I read an article like this.

  2. Keith:

    I keep thinking that the Republican party has turned into the Democrat party, and the Democrat party has turned into the Green/Socialist party. We no longer have any credible leaders who believe in smaller government, personal responsibility, and capitalist economies.

  3. Rob:


    There are still credible leaders with those ideals, but they don't make the nightly news. One might think they are purposely ignored, in light of the current economy and issues faced, considering they have been warning and trying to prevent these situations.

  4. Mike:

    Next thing you know, Congress is going to sue OPEC for the high oil pri...!

    Oh wait, they're already doing that.

    So does this really surprise anyone? The track record of this Congress is nothing short of appalling, and goes to show how truly out of touch they are with the American people.

  5. Mark:

    All the carping about "leadership" is nothing but a cop out because politicians respond to the electorate. And, they deliver what the electorate demands. .

    THe politician that campaigns on "limited" government is also the politician that is campaigning on delivering nothing for their district. And, I can almost guarantee that such a politician will be a "failed" one because the voters DEMAND that the goodies of government lagresse be delivered to their district. A "succesful" politician is the one who delivers the federal and state money for the local water treatment plant, airport extensions and other community "development" projects. The voters want this because they truly believe that Washington, DC or the state capital has some sort of money multiplier that will create more benefits than cost.

    Our electorate believes in a lot of bad rhetoric, even down to the rhetoric of "The AMerican Dream" which led thousands of people down the wrong financial road because they believed that home ownership was so important. NO matter what the American people believe, Congress is nothing but a reflection of their spoiled, I want it now beliefs. TO claim they are out of "touch" is one of the biggest fallacies around.

  6. Craig:

    Linear -
    I know it's horrible, but I think about that sometimes, and I kind of agree. What other chance will we have to get rid of these career politicians who have so screwed things up?

  7. stan:

    This congressman demonstrates how powerful the MSM propaganda is. The MSM has been hammering conservatives for so long that they feel they can't even muster a response that their constituents will believe. When are conservatives going to respond? What's the strategy? Wait 'til the dinosaur MSM finally implodes years from now?

    The swiftboat vets showed that people armed with the truth can reach beyond the "choir" that bloggers and talk radio preach to. Why haven't we organized a system to use the swiftboat model to get the truth out on important issues? There are a lot more things that could be done.

    Curling into the fetal position and getting the crap kicked out of us is not a strategy. Neither is blaming Bush or criticizing the GOP in Congress because they don't stand in front of the train on principle.

  8. linearthinker:

    Mark at 11:05:

    I have to disagree with most of your comment, if only from a personal level. I admit I may be the one who's out of touch. I see the housing collapse as more of a normal market correction, and the losers are those who by and large let their greed surpass their judgement. (Doesn't each foreclosure create an opportunity for another family to pick up property at an affordable price?) Regarding political success via delivering largess, I judge not by what's delivered to the district or state, but by what's demonstrated in character and principles. I agree with you there's a lot of faulty rhetoric out there, but not your example. Incidentally, I have nothing against greed and gambling. It's just that if you're going to gamble and lose, or your greed exceeds your reach, don't whine and expect me to bail you out. And, don't blame me and my neighbors for the cesspool on the Potomac. Your brush is too broad.

  9. Mark:

    "who by and large let their greed surpass their judgement"

    That may or may not be. But, if you review what I stated, one of the basic tenents of the "American Dream" is home ownership. But, the actual reality is that home ownership is not a proper financial decision for many Americans. But conventional wisdom and rhetoric trump reality. HOw many times in your life have you heard "At least you are not throwing money away in rent"? (As opposed to interest).

    The "normal" market correction you speak of is something that the vast majority of people denied could even happen. Conventional wisdom claims that real estate is a safe investment that never goes down.

    If you do not understand that this is what the vast majority of the public believes then you do not have a strong handle on the problem.

    And, if you do not beleive that politicians, left and right, answer the wishes of their constituents by delivering government money, you are again not getting a full enough picture of the political situation to make a difference.