Just What We Need

It has already been reprinted around most of the freedom-loving portions of the blogosphere, but in case you have missed this quote from Hillary Clinton:

We need a president who is ready on Day 1 to be commander in chief of our economy.

Also revealed by Hillary:  John Galt has been captured and has been offered Wesley Mouch's job.


  1. Rob:

    Now that is funny!

    Though I was a Fred supporter, the thought of a President Thompson gave me some pause....

  2. TigerHawk:

    The problem is that there are no John Galts or Hank Reardans. Our great industrialists, and we have them, are almost all a little bit Wesley Mouch on the inside. Learning that has been one of my great disappointments.

  3. Tom:

    while I love rand's message and her passion for idealism, the truth is that most industrialist are part Wesley mouch/ Orren Boyle etc and many politicians are part rearden/ galt. You can't truly separate the movers of the world from the looters without chopping most people in half.

  4. MJ:

    I knew it! Hillary Clinton wants to convert the U.S. to a socialist dictatorship.