Paybacks are Hell, John McCain

I really try not to be vindictive, but I cannot tell you how happy this story, rife with irony, makes me:

John McCain has a campaign finance problem.
When his campaign was down and out, he agreed to take public funding
for the primaries. Public funding comes with spending limits overall
and by state. Also, a candidate who accepts funding cannot raise money
from private sources. Now that it is possible he will be the
nominee, McCain will want to be free of those fundraising and spending
limits, but he cannot withdraw from the public system. Or perhaps he
could but only with the approval of the FEC, which is not operating
because of a struggle over its nominees. The FEC does not now have a
quorum to meet and regulate. (The lack of a quorum was caused by Barack
Obama's hold on a nominee to the FEC, but never mind).

McCain will want out of the public system because he is probably
close to hitting the limit, and he could not get more money for his
campaign until he received public funding after the GOP convention
during the summer.  His "dark period" would thus be a period without
campaign funding that would run from spring until after the GOP
convention. During that "dark period" Obama or Hillary, both of whom
have not accepted public funding for the primaries, would be able to
continue spending money; some of that spending would be directed
against McCain after Obama or Hillary have secured their party's

HAHAHAHAHA.  OMG that is great.  Read it and weep, Mr. McCain-Feingold.  McCain has argued for years that money and speech are not the same thing, and that limiting campaign money is not equivalent to limiting speech.  He can comfort himself with that thought as he goes silent for three or four [update: seven?] months  while his opposition yaps away.


  1. Austin Fitness Trainer:

    Pay back will occur when the right totally deserts him in the Fall. One can hope.

  2. Ian Random:

    God, I look forward to this. The ultimate will be if the democrats outspend him after getting the nomination and we get Osama-Bama or Clinton II.

  3. Dan:

    Lucky thing for him he's a media darling.

    What's that?

    Oh, right. The honeymoon ends when he's up against a Democrat... Ouch.

  4. Ray:

    The story is on its face inaccurate. The McCain campaign went through some really dark funding periods precisely to avoid having to take public funding.

  5. Bruce:

    Merle Haggard wrote a song for Hillary. I used to believe this:

    Merle Hasn't Lost His Fightin' Side
    Dr BLT
    words and music by Dr BLT copyright 2008

    Now I'm still a big fan, but I wonder if Merle is going soft, and I've written a song as an answer to his song about Hillary.

    Go John McCain. This one was written and recorded by yours truly, just for you!

    The Maverick
    Dr BLT
    words and music by Dr BLT copyright 2008