Notice: All the World's Major Problems Have Been Solved

Clearly, all the major problems of the world have been solved, because Arlen Specter wants to focus the Senate's time on the New England Patriots' violation of NFL rules for which they were severely punished and which violations in no way tread on any law, just NFL rules.

In a telephone interview Thursday morning, Senator Arlen Specter,
Republican of Pennsylvania and ranking member of the committee, said
that Goodell would eventually be called before the committee to address
two issues: the league's antitrust exemption in relation to its
television contract and the destruction of the tapes that revealed
spying by the Patriots.

"That requires an explanation," Specter
said. "The N.F.L. has a very preferred status in our country with their
antitrust exemption. The American people are entitled to be sure about
the integrity of the game. It's analogous to the C.I.A. destruction of
tapes. Or any time you have records destroyed."

Please, to the friends of Arlen Specter:  It is time for an intervention, before the man hurts himself any more. 

Next Up:  Kay Bailey Hutchison calls Jerry Jones in front of Congress to explain why the Cowboys gave up on the running game in the fourth quarter of this year's playoff game against the Giants.


  1. Craig:

    I might understand this if the team the Patriots spied on were in Specter's home state of Pennsylvania, but they aren't - it was the Jets.

    This is typical for Senators - they think the people are too dumb to assess things on their own, and that the NFL is too dumb to run itself right, so they need to step in. Idiotic.

  2. Mark Alger:

    Actually, I would rather have the Senate focus on such nonsense. When they get on to real problems is when the crying starts.


  3. mimsk:

    I, too, prefer the RINO Senators navel gazing on the NFL and like " problems." It distracts them from getting to legislation where they can do real damage. And it confirms again, how useless they are.

    God, Spector is such a predictable bore. Strange looking, too.

    We desperately need some new blood in Washington.

  4. rox_publius:

    dont blame me, i voted for toomey

  5. rox_publius:


    spector's REAL bitch is the possiblity that this went on in the Super Bowl against the Iggles.

  6. Speedmaster:

    I thought the exact same thing when I heard this story. While I despise the Pats and their apparent cheating, what the heck is Congress doing involved in this? Certainly, it's not withing their purview?

  7. Avatar300:

    "Actually, I would rather have the Senate focus on such nonsense. When they get on to real problems is when the crying starts."

    On the one hand, I pretty much agree with this statement. On the other, I always worry when government officials start sticking their noses into new areas. They tend not to pull back out again.

  8. Jim Collins:

    Can you say "Publicity"? I don't know when Specter is up for re-election again, but this is a simple way to get his ugly mug in front the television cameras for free.