Go Tigers

Sorry, but we don't get to celebrate this kind of thing very often:

The Class of 2008's No. 11-rated inside linebacker Jonathan Meyers
spoke with ESPN's Billy Tucker about his recent commitment to Princeton
over Division I powers Florida and Michigan.

"When it came down to
it, Princeton just offered so much more besides football; it just fit
really well with me. Its academics are number one, the football program
is highly-respected [2006 Ivy League Champions] and I have a chance to
play lacrosse as well."

Additionally, Meyers received some helpful advice from Princeton graduate and current Washington Redskin Ross Tucker.


  1. TigerHawk:

    "We"? What class?


  2. coyote:

    In answer to Tigerhawk, I was class of '84. My sister was '85 and my other sister was '87/'88.

  3. dearieme:

    He wants to be careful about the lacrosse. Duke.

  4. TigerHawk:

    Hmmm. I wonder if we knew each other.