The Unwanted "Gift"

When reaching to take a gift from under the tree this morning, my wife did not see the scorpion clinging to the box.  Unfortunately, she got a nasty sting from this little creature.  While bites from the scorpions we have in Arizona are rarely fatal, they can be really painful and debilitating.  My wife's hand and most of her lower arm are almost completely numb and she cannot muster any strength in her hand.  The bite creates an effect much like when circulation just returns, such that she has had pins and needles in her hand all day.  Bummer.

Update: 12 hours after the sting, and her hand is still nearly inoperative and hurts like heck to the touch.  Do not worry, we have called poison control and her symptoms are in the normal band.  Some Arizonans report that it can take weeks for full nerve function to return.  Joy. 


  1. Josh:

    All I can say is, yikes!

    Hope her hand is ok!

  2. Phil:

    Oy vay! Give my best to your wife.

  3. Keith Casey:

    That's terrible. I hope she heals quickly... for all of your sakes.

  4. Ronak Shah:


    I had like to share some gift ideas..

    In case if you have some gift ideas do let me know.

  5. ParatrooperJJ:

    Hope she feels better! Keep the doors and windows closed...

  6. Sameer Parekh:

    What an unfortunate Christmas gift! Allow me to wish your wife a speedy recovery.

  7. jackdaw:

    She got a German gift. ("Gift" means venom in German.) I wish her "gute Besserung".

  8. jackdaw:

    She got a German gift. ("Gift" means venom in German.) I wish her "gute Besserung".

  9. Chuck Chriss:

    I am very sorry to hear about the scorpion bite and wish for your wife's speedy recovery. Its quite easy to overlook the fact that individuals are subject to painful problems and disabilities, even if they do everything in a reasonable and responsible way. Our civilization has made enormous progess in mitigating the hazards of life, but the world is still a tough place to live.

    I hope her pain is very short lived and recovery is complete.