Why I Don't Host This Blog on My Own Servers...

...Because there might come a slow news day in August when Tigerhawk, Hot Air, Pajamas Media, Reddit, the Free Republic, Ace of Spades, and many others all link to the same post at the same time.  In which case my servers here in the office and the poor hamster who powers them by running on his little wheel would be a smoking hole in the ground.


  1. Craig:

    Congrats on the links. You've done excellent work on this issue.

  2. Alexander White:

    That must have been what happened to climateaudit! PS I have added your blog to my list of must reads.

  3. coyote:

    Yes, both ClimateAudit and Anthony Watts site both seem to have folded under the traffic today

  4. Alexander White:

    Does anyone know what is going on at climateaudit? Has there been any funny stuff involved in the site going down? An instlanch is likely the cuase but you cannot rule out sabotage. What about surfacestation?