FAQ of the Day

This is perhaps my favorite FAQ question that I have ever seen, in a Popular Mechanics article on 9/11:

why didn't you talk about U.S. foreign policy, corporate imperialism,
oil empire, Bush family ties, Halliburton, the Mossad, the CIA, the
Freemasons, the Illuminati or Opus Dei?


  1. dearieme:

    Bloody cheek; why did he omit Queen Elizabeth?

  2. TCO:

    There is some good stuff in American Scientist magazine as well. You might have to stir your ass a bit though. Not just rehash a Forester report. Or follow some partners who think they've invented algebra by reading a popular article on securitization (a topic from decades ago, if you look at insurance mathematics).

  3. triticale:

    I liked their answer to "Where you influenced by the government?"


    That was worth an entire page.

    BTW, my viewpoint on the entire issue was shaped by the fact that the first "anomaly" I saw raised by the conspiracy seekers was that jet fuel didn't burn hot enough to melt steel. I had made my living for 22 years at a company which came into being as a result of its owner knowing that you could bend steel into salable shapes if you heated it to, get this, about the temperature at which jet fuel burns.

  4. Walter E. Wallis, P.E.:

    The only thing not given enough attention was the role of environmentalists, outlawing asbestos fire proofing, assuring building failure.

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