The Most Fanciful Thing I Have Read Today

Conservatives were all over Keith Ellison for his comments about 9/11.  While I think that many of the arguments by 9/11 "truthers" are scientifically bankrupt, I kind of respect the general lack of trust and respect for the government that their skepticism stems from.  And as to Ellison's comments about impeaching the vice-president, I can't imagine anything I would enjoy more than watching Congress tie itself up for months impeaching a largely irrelevant office holder.

However, I thought this was pretty fanciful:

You'll always find this Muslim standing up for your right to be atheists
all you want," Ellison, the first Muslim to serve in Congress, said in a speech to more than 100 atheists at the Southdale Library in Edina. . . .

Does anyone really think that if they showed up at the Tehran airport tomorrow proclaiming that "I'm an atheist - let's be pals" that they would be treated with respect?  If I made up a list of countries not to visit as an atheist, 15th Century Spain would be first, but my guess is that several modern Islamic countries would crack the top 10.


  1. Mark:

    He said "this Muslim." Looks as though he was talking about himself.

  2. Craig:

    "Truthers" may not trust the government on matters of national security, but I bet most of them trust the government to give them medical care, education, retirement benefits, etc., etc.

  3. Scott:

    By declaring that he supports the right of people to be atheists, he might as well go to a madrassa in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and proclaim: "This apostate infidel..." because that's what the hardcores will immediately view him as.