Thanks for the Comments

Blogging may be light this week because I have to, you know, work and stuff.  However, I want to thank everyone who has been commenting on my new book, and please keep the comments coming, though it may be next week before I get through them all.


  1. Peter:

    I had to do a graduate paper for my Degree and I happen to choose Global warming. After reading all these things, I actually became frightened and started to worry. Then I found your site and could not stop reading. You have really critiqued this subject very well and gave me a whole new aspect on the topic.
    Just wanted to say I can tell you have a great mind in the working!
    Dr. Speciale (Clinical Microbiologist)

  2. David F Mayer:

    In this link:

    Immediately after this paragraph:
    In the rest of this paper, we will focus on potential weaknesses in this hypothesis. Specifically, I will argue that:

    The text color is WHITE on my screen, and hence the entire text is invisible. Please correct this.

    My browser is Firefox 28.0