I have argued for a while that American support for real free speech seems to be languishing, and we seem to be more and more comfortable with making exceptions to the first amendment for "hate speech" and speech that offends people, and speech that costs money during an election.  And now this, via Q&O, from a Rasmussen poll:

A large segment of the public would like to extend the concept of the
Fairness Doctrine to the Internet as well. Thirty-four percent (34%)
believe the government should "require web sites that offer political
commentary to present opposing viewpoints." Fifty percent (50%) are

They could only dredge up a bare majority of 50% to oppose this?


  1. Methinks:

    Will it stand up to constitutional challenge?

  2. Daublin:

    Good question, but this is really bad for our society. You'd think free speech was a deeply held American value. If this poll is accurate, well, it is not.

  3. Tom T:

    That is scary. My only hope i these people don't know what the fairness doctrine is.