Someone Check the Thermostat! Part 2

In the past, I have argued that it is odd that climate scientists ignore the changes in solar activity in their models.  Despite the fact the sun's activity is at a very high level (vs. the past several hundred years) the most recent IPCC report says they think that earth's temperatures would have fallen in the 20th century absent anthropogenic effects.  So then why is this happening:

Mars is being hit by rapid climate change and it is happening so fast that the red planet could lose its southern ice cap,
writes Jonathan Leake.

Scientists from Nasa say that Mars has warmed by about 0.5C
since the 1970s. This is similar to the warming experienced on Earth
over approximately the same period.

Since there is no known life on Mars it suggests rapid changes in planetary climates could be natural phenomena.

mechanism at work on Mars appears, however, to be different from that
on Earth. One of the researchers, Lori Fenton, believes variations in
radiation and temperature across the surface of the Red Planet are
generating strong winds.

a paper published in the journal Nature, she suggests that such winds
can stir up giant dust storms, trapping heat and raising the planet's

Almost every planet in the Solar System has been found to be warming over the last several decades.  At what point do we turn our attention, at least in part, to Mr. Sun?  (Hat tip Q&O Blog)


  1. A:

    "At what point do we turn our attention, at least in part, to Mr. Sun?"

    I would guess when the Gaia worshippers freeze their bums over.

  2. mjh:

    C'mon, now. Mars is not immune from anthropogenic effects. We have deposited several man made objects on the surface, while leaving several more in orbit. That ought to be reason enough to suspect our influence... no?

  3. Craig:

    Don't forget the secret oil wells that Dick Cheney set up on Mars, either.

  4. bob prangnell:

    That was basically a car that NASA sent to mars, right? See, there is no safe level of cars, so we should ban them all.

  5. Bill:

    Two groups are driving the global warming hysteria; first are those for whom this has become a religious matter, cheered on by the mainstream media.

    Second, and more alarming, is the conjunction of scientists who respond to the comparative ease of obtaining grants and getting published for studies that reinforce the herd view, with the really vicious enforcement of group-think that has become the hallmark of post-modern academia.

    Note that there is little argument against the solar-activity and other-planet's just buried and ignored.

  6. M. Hodak:

    Why is everyone ignoring the Pirate Theory, showing with a very high degree of correlation the increase of the earth's temperature with the decline of pirates? We need to bring back the pirates.