Bugs Bunny, Libertarian Hero

Bugs Bunny was never one to knuckle under to arbitrary power.  I always like the episode when he protects his home from a freeway development, and eventually the freeway ends up going around his home, which has been turned into a pillar of concrete.  I am reminded of all this by this picture from Radley Balko of a woman who would not sell out to developers in China.



  1. march:

    It looks like easement might be an issue, here!

  2. march:

    "Watch out for that first step. It's a doozy!"

  3. Ken King | King Marketing:

    See the link below for a slightly different take on the story linked on Reason (the Globe & Mail featured the woman's husband, a "former kung fu champion".


    The image above makes it appear as though an access road leads up to the front door, and unfortunately the online edition of the Globe & Mail uses the same pic. The print edition of the newspaper uses an alternate photo taken from the opposite side which makes it even more clear how a propos the Bugs Bunny reference is (one of my favourite episodes) as the home is clearly sitting about 30 feet above the pit.

    All they need now is an umbrella for when the cement mixer shows up...