At What Point Does Atlas Shrug?

From the owner of Smartflix:

So, here I am, having risked absolutely everything I own, having gone
with out salary for three years, and I am now being told that if I hire
somebody, and he gets married in Vegas while drunk, then gets a divorce
the next day, I've got to cover the bimbo into the next decade? (Feel
free to add in the gender-reversed variation of that, as well - I'm
equally apalled that I might have to pay for an employee's ex-husband's

It is a testament to the American character that even when we are
this tightly bound by the chains of the State, we, as a people, still
start new businesses.

That, or maybe it's a testament to our stupidity.


  1. march:

    This is just the state's way of telling businessmen: "Don't offer medical benefits to your employees."

  2. Sol:

    Are you allowed to not offer your employees medical insurance in Massachusetts? My impression from reading the post was that you no longer get a choice in the matter, but reading it again I don't see anything which absolutely says that.

  3. rox_publius:

    read the comments there, warren. looks like they are saying you just have to carry COBRA on them, which, according to the commenters (and really, what more reliable source can there be than blog comments?) would be paid by the insured up to a max 102.5% of the cost.

    the requirement still sucks, but substantially less if this is true.