Annual NCAA Bracket Challenge

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We had a blast with it last year, so back by popular demand is the annual Coyote Blog
NCAA Bracket Challenge
.  Yes, I know that many of you are bracketed
out, but for those of you who are self-employed and don't have an
office pool to join or who just can't get enough of turning in
brackets, this pool is offered as my public service. 

Last year we had over fifty entries, and we expect more this year.  Everyone is welcome, so send the link to friends as well.  There is no charge to join in and
I have chosen a service with the absolutely least intrusive log-in
(name, email, password only) and no spam.  The only thing I ask is
that, since my kids are participating, try to keep the team names and
board chat fairly clean.

To join, go to and sign up, then enter your bracket.

Scoring is as follows:

Round 1 correct picks:  1 points
Round 2:  2
Round 3:  4
Round 4:  6
Round 5:  8
Round 6:  10

Special March Madness scoring bonus: If you correctly pick the underdog in any round (ie,
the team with the higher number seed) to win, then you receive bonus
points for that correct pick equal to the difference in the two team's
seeds.  So don't be afraid to go for the long-shots!

Bracket entry appears to be open.  Online bracket entry closes Thursday, March 15th at 11:30am EDT.  Be sure to get your brackets in early.

Update: I have managed a lot of bracket pools over the years, with a lot of tools.  I would not hesitate to recommend  Least intrusive, cheap, good tools, easy to use.


  1. mjh:

    Thakn you, sir! I'm in. Go Badgers!

  2. Brad Warbiany:

    Go Boilers! Beat Arizona!

    (Probably not the smartest thing to say on this blog, huh?)

  3. BobH:

    To the extent that you're dealing with people from the Phoenix area, it's not too big a problem to diss UofA. But if ASU ever gets back into the tournament ... nah, it'll never happen.

  4. Craig:

    I would like to publicly state my support for Texas A&M.