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Has the Romance Gone Out of Travel?

Yes.  But I disagree somewhat with the reasoning.  One writer argues travel has lost its romance because it is too easy.  Sorry, but travel has lost its romance because it is too hard, though hard in a different way than it was fifty years ago.  In 1957, travel was difficult like a safari.  In 2007, travel is difficult like getting a hip replacement in the British medical system. 

Hawaii is probably our family's favorite destination, but I have found that on most occasions, all the positive karma I build up through a week there evaporates on the trip home.  In selecting a ski resort for spring break, we chose the resort that represented the easiest travel experience rather than necessarily the best ski experience (we go to the Park City UT area because it is a short direct flight from Phoenix and an easy 45 minute mostly Interstate drive from the Salt Lake City airport. 


  1. Bob Smith:

    The link is bad.

  2. Matt:

    Not sure why you weight a short flight as preferable to a long far as I'm concerned, the instant flight on scheduled air carriers enters the picture, the joy of the trip is instantly cut by at least half...but since that's entirely the result of things that happen on the ground, the length of the flight is entirely a nonfactor.