Sure. Totally Reasonable. Not.

Via Overlawyered, from the nanny's at the British Medical Journal:

Clothes made in larger sizes should carry a tag with an obesity
helpline number, health specialists have suggested. Sweets and snacks
should not be permitted near checkouts, new roads should not be built
unless they include cycle lanes and food likely to make people fat
should be taxed, they say in a checklist of what we might "reasonably
do" to deal with obesity.

I know a number of larger folks who already get huge self-esteem hits everytime they shop for clothes.  I am sure they would love to see a tag that says "If you are trying this on, you are fat.  Get help" on their clothes.  Oh, and thanks for all the help with girls that have a tendency towards anorexia.  I am sure all this media and government obsession with body size and losing weight will be a big help (when I was younger, I had two acquaintances both die from complications associated with anorexia and bulimia).  What's next?  Special tags on small-size condoms saying, well, never mind.


  1. Bob Smith:

    I'm pretty sure the bit about roads and bicycle lanes is really about hating cars (a bicycle lane mandate will stop roadbuilding dead), not helping the obese.

  2. Barbara Meyer:

    Being fat and adorable, I don't want the tag unless it contains the second adjective. If my clothes' tags are going to describe me, do it completely.