Reason 1397 That I Can't Stand Politicians

A man is fighting for his life, and the jackals and vultures of both parties are trying to figure out how his death might affect their own political power.

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  1. Ray G:

    Well, I don't know anyone of a sane mind that reads the obituary pages with eye watering sincerity. It is just difficult to feel genuine sorrow for someone you don't know.

    However, there is the matter of decorum and civility.

    I thought the Left would hold back, and wait for someone else to bring up the subject of a changing majority, attack the Right for being insensitive, and then essentially say "But, while we're on the subject" . . .

    But first thing they did on NPR (it's the only non-music station that comes in at work) was bring up the subject of politics. Go figure.

    I guess that makes me a cynic, though it's not beyond normal media practice to simply invent some Right wing insensitivity and ignore the fact that everyone jumped on the subject. We'll see. . .