Bad Science Remembered

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  1. Jim Collins:

    Science is no longer about science, it is about the quest for funding. My girlfriend has a degree in Chemistry. She currently teaches High School science, but before I met her she worked as a researcher. She told me that almost 60% of her time was spent on filling out paperwork for grant applications. As soon as they got one grant they started laying the groundwork for future applications based off of the results of that research. One of the things that she noticed is that it was easier to get grants for subjects that there was a public controversy about.
    It is my belief that the majority of this "Global Warming" issue is being fueled by scientists who are willing to adapt the interpretation of their research to fit the views of the people or groups most likely to provide more funding.
    That their views happen to agree with Al Gore's isn't just coincidence. Some of the duties of the Vice President just happen to be, Chairman of the Board of NASA, member of the Board of the Smithsonian Institution and member of the Board of the National Science Foundation.