You Can't Win

I have been off in the back country of Wyoming, but happened to see this headline from the Casper, Wyoming paper the other day when I was passing through civilization:

Gas price drop raises concern

Why am I thinking that when gas prices rose sharply last year, they didn't run a front page headline that said "Gas price rise a huge boon."


  1. Matt:

    It's a "concern" because falling gas prices will be good for the GOP this November.

  2. Frank:

    In Wyoming, they might well have regarded rising gasoline and natural gas prices as an actual boon. Despite the distances involved in driving (for which more expensive gas is bad), the state makes its money on extracted mineral fees, not an personal income tax. So rising gas prices (leading to the reopening of old wells) are a boon.

    Also, in response to Matt, I've run into a lot of people who are very skeptical about the price drop, calling it a "political trick." These folks are not the usual suspects among conspiracy theorists and such, but real folks.